Motorbikes and Hadedas

Our friend Ben hates the calls of the hadedas feeding on his lawn early morning. He laments the loss of sleep. He owns a top of the range motorbike. It is his pride and joy. Every morning he roars to his office on his black monstrosity, with hadedas scattering in all directions.

I met him at the Spar Superstore on a Sunday morning.  After the usual niceties  I asked the about the death wish of getting a motorbike later in one’s life. He looked at me , smiled and quoted Henry James: “Woe to the man who does not put his trust in life.”  Putting on his thick, black leather gloves, he continued: “Live. Live all you can. It’s a mistake not to.” Who am I to argue. But please if you have to ride a motorcycle to fulfill  your dream of a well lived life, don’t do it where the hadedas gather and humans sleep!





Good Morning!

                                    My First Post!

This is exciting…my very first post.

One of the most important elements of my life is my garden. It is small, yet big enough to be my therapy and joy.  There are a few trees, lots of shrubs and very important for me, veggies! I love to share the harvest of the season with neighbours and friends.